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About Disability Writer

Did you know? 

15% of the global working-age population is disabled, chronically ill, or neurodiverse. 


According to World Bank, here.

3 in 4 companies worldwide suffer from talent shortages and hiring. 


According to Manpower Group, here

83% of Swiss businesses struggle to fill in positions with dedicated workers.


According to Manpower Group, here. 

The good news? 

30% higher profit and 28% higher revenue

for the companies hiring disabled, chronically ill, and neurodiverse people.  


According to Administration Community Living, here. 

I'm here to help you tear down barriers so you can demonstrate expert content knowledge, access new talent, and take your business to the next level.

A diverse. Inclusive. workforce. 


Would you like content that makes you a disability-inclusive authority?

Do you struggle to create content voicing disability, accessibility, and inclusion in the workplace?


You're not alone.

Finding expert resources to develop the content you want is a precious skill.

How can I help? 

Disability Writer aims to help you tear down barriers so you can demonstrate expert content knowledge, access new talent, and take your business to the next level. 

A Diverse. Inclusive. Workforce.

My areas of expertise? 

  • Trustworthy SEO blog posts targeting your client's big questions, starting price €450 | 800 words.

  • Professional case studies your clients can connect to, starting price €650 | 800-1200 words.

  • Expert guides & eBooks to get you juicy leads, starting price from €750

  • 3 Months Authoritative LinkedIn Content starting price €1150 (including profile makeover).

  • E-mails, newsletters & sequences starting price €2400 | 12 months.

Social media accessibility training 

In this training session, you'll learn why it's important to create accessible social media content and how to follow best practices from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and beyond.

Topics include: 

  • Using inclusive language

  • Image Descriptions

  • Colour and Contrast

  • Captions

  • Transcripts

  • Audio Description

  • Emojis, Symbol Fonts, and Hashtags

Time: 1.5 hours 

Price (in-company): 

  • € 500 (excluding material & travel costs)  ​

Price (online): 

  • €400 (excluding material)

Why work with me? 

I bring 20+ years of accessibility and inclusion–guide dog mobility instructor experience. 


And as co-founder of Lara Guide Dog School, I have a deep belief in your mission. 


A diverse. Inclusive. Workforce. 

Ready to boost your content with accessibility and inclusion? 

Go on. Grab a cup of coffee and get in touch. 

Warm wishes from my office desk near Basel. 

Lia 🖤


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