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You've got no accessibility & inclusion content. And have no time to write it. 

Sound like you? Hi, I'm your new freelance disability writer —here to make sure you create a more diverse workplace with the right content, today. 

About Me
Disability Writer - Lia Stoll
Lara Guide Dog School Team_edited.jpg
Lara guide dog team
Lia Stoll, a guide dog mobility instructor working with her guide dog at a curb, preparing to cross.

Get to Know ME

You see businesses recognizing that meeting the needs of disabled people is essential to their business model today.

Am I right? 

But you either lack the right resources or a clear strategy to create and develop your content. ​

If you're ready for professional content that helps your business meet the needs of disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent people without being superficial –     

You need clear, crisp, and actionable content that educates. 

I can help. 

When I started Disability Writer in 2019, I had one goal: to support our guide dog school, voice vision impairment, blindness, and guide dogs. 


Soon after, I realized the urgent need businesses have for hands-on disability-inclusive know-how as they journey to create a more diverse workplace.


Now, I'd like to help you voice your disability-inclusive knowledge and inspire a more accessible and inclusive business world, today.

Learn how I can help you here. 

Clients and Partners

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Be people smart

Content and business blogging Services

Expert SEO Blog Posts 

Trustworthy SEO blog posts targeting your clients' big questions while boosting disability awareness, accessibility, and inclusion in the workplace.

Guides, eBooks & Case Studies

Put your client at the heart of your story. Relatable, powerful, and compelling case studies your clients can connect to and expert guides & eBooks to get you juicy leads. 


Social Media Accessibility 

Learn how to create accessible and inclusive social media content so you can sparkle, become a trusted voice and generate those precious inbound leads.

Valuable Newsletters

Clear educational emails targetting your clients' problems with a tiny-time aim to help solve them. Share your relevant and valuable information with your network of customers, prospects, and subscribers and build a trusting relationship. 

Marsh Naidoo, Raising Kellan

"It was a seamless process working with Lia. She's professional yet easy to engage with. Thank you Lia for your encouragement and guidance. Your talent is much appreciated."

Want disability-inclusive tips?

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Ready to buzz accessibility and inclusion with me?

I'm committed to ensuring accessibility and I pride myself on keeping my website accessible. If you have difficulty accessing my site or have any questions or comments about how I can improve my site, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!

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